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For users[edit]

The reports tool is a way to provide commonly used database queries in a regularly updated, easy-to-use form. It is a companion to the SQL Query service. If you would like a new query added, open a request in JIRA (in the 'Reports' component), describing what you want the query to do. If you can provide the SQL as well, that's helpful, but not a requirement.

For developers[edit]

Deploying a new version of the live tool[edit]

Once you've committed changes and you want to deploy them, become the reports user. The source is in $HOME/reports/. Run 'svn up', then ./deploy. Make sure works properly.

NOTE: Do not commit as the reports user, because svn will save your password in the shared home directory.

Guidelines for committing[edit]

  • All commits (except i18n changes) need an associated JIRA issue. If there isn't one, just create it, and resolve it after you commit. If an i18n commit already has a JIRA issue, e.g. it was provided by a non-committer, use that issue and follow the process described here.
  • i18n commits must only touch i18n/*.msgs, and should have a commit message beginning 'i18n:'
  • Make sure to assign the issue to yourself before you start working on it (or at the very least, before you commit)
  • Format your commit message like this:
REPORTS-1 When the user clicks quux, their computer explodes
REPORTS-37 Need more mice to power slow queries

i.e., "<issue key> <issue title>". Don't put any additional information in the commit message; put it in a JIRA comment.

  • All commits must be tested, even minor ones, even if you think it's so simple it couldn't possibly be wrong.
  • If you revert a commit, re-open the associated issue(s) and explain why.
  • If you make a mistake during a commit and need to fix it, use the same issue key as the original commit, and append the fix in brackets:
REPORTS-37 Need more mice to power slow queries (fixed OutOfCheeseError caused by typo)


For translators[edit]

Follow the instructions above to check out the svn repository. i18n files are in i18n/*.msgs. Just copy en.msgs to <yourlang>.msgs, translate it, and send the result in a bug report to

Please convert all characters that are not ASCII with Convert Characters to make sure everyone can read them.

Note: as the tool is still very much in development, messages are likely to change frequently. If you plan to translate the tool, you should probably request commit access instead of opening a bug for each change.