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Simple Python script ( run once a day via cron to generate the mails for the daily-image-l mailing list.

Under SVN:


  • blaugher
  • bryan

To report bugs[edit]

Assign us bugs in JIRA or better, leave a comment at if you notice it misbehaving (sometimes it gets stuck or cron misbehaves).

Common problems (for maintainers)[edit]

The most common problem is that the mail stops being sent. This is usually because of the server being moved etc and the cron job has disappeared. Log in to stable, become potd and then check the cron job (crontab -e). There should just be one (non-commented) line there. If there is not, look for a text file called crontab in the project home dir. Do crontab -e and copy its contents in there.

Another "problem" is that instead of a mail being sent, a maintainer gets a mail saying "Error" and usually IndexError. This comes about because the script tries to parse a FP "category" from the image's backlinks (actually, a subpage of Commons:Featured_pictures). If the image was mistakenly never placed on such a subpage, it won't be able to find that backlink. This is flagged as an error so that you can go and actually fix it! Put that day's POTD on one of the subpages, log in and re-run the script. Then it should be fine.

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