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To help the roots with their workload, some users are operators. Operators are well-known and trusted users who have more rights than normal users. There are some basic rights that every operator has and some special rights only some operators have.

Every operator has an additional user-account which always starts with the letter o (so the user dab has the operator-account odab). This account is only for operator work, it is strictly forbidden to host non-static web-pages with it or to run wikimedia-bots. The operators work only at the Debian userspace-servers, they have no access to non-userspace-servers.

Operators have no special file-rights in home-directories; they can only read and write what every user can. They have no access to your user-databases.

The job of an operator is to keep the Debian userspace-server running and to do everyday-tasks. The main goal is to help the normal users; they are always polite and friendly. If you think that an operator misbehaves please contact a root.

Operators have to follow the operator-rules.

General rights[edit]

All operators have the following rights; the commands in () are only for example.

  • File removing (rm -I)
  • Task killing (kill and pkill -u)
  • Management of services (invoke-rc.d)
  • SGE administration (qstat, qdel, qmod, qalter)
  • Rebooting of hosts (shutdown -r)
  • Upgrading of packages (apt-get (update|upgrade))
  • Manipulating crons (crontab).
  • Commit-rights to puppet's SVN.
  • Bureaucrat here in the wiki
  • OP in the IRC
  • Moderator-access at the mailing-lists.


The following users are operators:

  • Merl
  • Platonides
  • Danny_b
  • Apmon
  • Timl

Roots have also operator-accounts for testing purposes.