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Toolserver administration was (and continues to be) primarily done by River. Elian was in charge of approving accounts and being the primary contact point between the Toolserver and Wikimedia Deutschland. River created the actual accounts and administered the server.

  • June 2004: Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. (the German Wikimedia chapter) is founded.[1]
  • August 2005: JeLuF arranges for Sun Microsystems to donate a V40z server (later named zedler[2]) for use at that year's Wikimania in Frankfurt.
    After the conference, Mark takes the server home and uses it for a coffee table.
  • September 2005: The server is liberated from Mark's house and installed at Kennisnet in Amsterdam[3], where it becomes the first "tools server"
  • January 2006: DaB. takes over from Elian as the Toolserver contact at Wikimedia Deutschland.
  • April 2006: a disk array (purchased in January) is added to zedler to provide more space for the database, and improve performance.
  • June 2006: hemlock is donated by Sun to the Wikimedia Foundation, and becomes the "login server". zedler is only used for databases.
  • June 2007: yarrow is installed as a new server to handle the s1 and s3 clusters
  • June 2008: after hemlock becomes increasingly overloaded, nightshade is installed as a replacement login server, and hemlock becomes the web server
  • March 2009: two new servers are installed: rosemary</tcodet>, a new database for the s1 cluster, and wolfsbane, a new web server to replace the again overloaded hemlock.
  • June 2009: Three servers are added to the Toolserver cluster: cassini (for OpenStreetMap-related work), hyacinth (intended to become the new /home NFS server), and daphne (intended to become the server for the S2 databases).
  • May 2010: ortelius is set up as a redundant web server.

vandale was donated by Kennisnet for the Wikimedia Foundation as part of the original donation by Kennisnet of rack space, servers, and bandwidth. It was originally intended to be a database server, but then was borrowed from the Foundation and used for the Toolserver as a _________.