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CommonsDelinker is a bot that removes image links on Wikimedia wikis for images that are deleted on Commons. It was originally written by Orgullomoore and currently maintained by Hoo man, Siebrand, and Krinkle. For more information on CommonsDelinker see its meta page. CommonsDelinker is a multi-maintainer project.


CommonsDelinker is open source under the terms of the MIT license in the pywikipedia subversion repository.


The bot is run on a random server via SGE. A croniejob runs every minute on that checks if the bot is still running and if not readds it as a job to SGE.

There are two bots: CommonsDelinker (job name: cd) and CommonsDelinkerHelper (job name: cdh). They run from separate source trees: $HOME/cd and $HOME/cdh respectively.

There also is a web interface in $HOME/public_html, which shows recent activity of the bot. This thing is currently a crappy PHP script.


  • To restart CD: qdel cd
  • To restart CDH qdel cdh

Note that restarting CDH is often required when it stops reacting because of its crappy code or may not work.

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