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Account request and approval

Before you request an account[edit]

  • The toolservers are under the legal responsibility of Wikimedia Deutschland, and their use is therefore governed by EU and German law.
  • You will have to provide a valid email address and your real name
  • Read the rules to see if your project fits the Toolserver's scope and restrictions.
  • Read the account approval policy to see how we decide who will get an account.

Note: At present, the toolservers do not have direct access to page text, due to Wikimedia's use of external storage clusters. Requests to run projects which depend upon fetching a lot of page text might be postponed.

Request process[edit]

  1. go to - this will take you to the toolserver's ticket management system, JIRA.
  2. when asked to create a JIRA account do so. Use the nickname you would like to use as a login name for the toolserver later.
  3. After creating the account, go to again - you will now see a form for requesting account creation.
  4. Fill in the form
    • In the summary field, write a short summary of what you want to do on the toolserver.
    • In the Description field:
      • Write what you plan to do on the toolserver, how you plan to do it, and what resources you expect to use.
      • Give a short overview of your skills with a Linux/Unix command line, web applications and programming in general.
      • Provide a quick description of your involvement with communities relevant to the toolserver, e.g. your activities/status on a Wikimedia wiki, if any.
      • If you plan to run a bot, please link to the bot-request-page of the project where you plan to run the bot (WP:BRfA at enwp for example). If you plan to run the bot on several wikis, please link to the biggest one.
      • If you plan to run a interwiki-link-bot, please check first Wikimedia bots if there is already such a bot for your project. You can only get a account if there is no active bot already[1].
      • For research projects, describe the context of the research and give the sponsoring organization/institution.
      • do not yet supply personal information like your real name and email address! if you do, they will be permanently visible to the world. Please say if your personal informations should be confidential.
  5. Submit the form
  6. After a few days or weeks (with a minimum of 3 days for normal), you will be told if your request was accepted, or if we have additional questions.
  7. If your request was accepted, you will be asked to provide your SSH public key and some personal information.
    • If you want your personal info to remain private, check that your request was set to be private to your and the developer staff. If not, you can request this to be done by adding a comment.
    • attach your public key to the request ticket using the "attach file" link in the "operations" box on the left.
    • proved any additional information, such as real name, home wiki, etc, in a comment to the request ticket, as requested.
  8. If you got no response for more than 3 weeks, please leave a comment on the ticket.
  9. After some more days (or sometimes weeks), your account will be created. Please try if you can log in. Re-open the account request ticket (or file a support request) if you can't.
  10. Re-read the rules and follow them. Come and say hi on IRC.

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