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Guideline for the approval of Toolserver accounts
This is an unofficial translation, the binding version is in German.
For more information about account approval, see Toolserver:Accounts.

(1) The Toolserver supports certain projects by providing a copy of data relevant to these projects. It is intended to provide interested people direct access to these data, and thus allow them to create tools or conduct research which benefits the users of the affiliated projects. Use of the Toolserver is governed by the terms of use specified in Rules.

(2) Currently, the Toolserver supports two projects:

(a) Projects of the Wikimedia Foundation (i.e. Wikipedia, Commons, etc.)
(b) OpenStreetMap

(3) Access to the Toolserver is granted by Wikimedia Deutschland upon request and can be revoked at any time. The task of reviewing requests and granting access when appropriate is delegated by Wikimedia Germany to designated persons. Account approval is governed by the following criteria:

(a) it is evident, to which ends the Toolserver account is intended to be used. This purpose is compliant with the goals and terms of use of the Toolserver.
(b) it is evident how these ends are supposed to be accomplished. The method proposed is feasible with the means available and compatible with the terms of use.
(c) the resources required to reach the desired ends can be estimated. The resource requirements are covered by the means available on the Toolserver.
(d) there is no reason to believe that the intended project will violate any laws of Germany, the Netherlands or the USA. This is considered especially with regards to privacy and copyright.
(e) the user understands English sufficiently to comprehend the terms of use and any announcements on the mailing lists.

(4) When evaluating a request for a Toolserver account, the following criteria shall be considered:

(a) Positive
(1) immediate benefit for the projects supported by the Toolserver
(2) the user has experience with using a Unix/Linux command line.
(3) the user has experience with using a database systems.
(4) the user is a valued member of the community of one of the projects supported by the Toolserver.
(5) the user is conducting academic research.
(b) Negative
(a) the project could just as well be run elsewhere, the special facilities of the Toolserver are not required.
(b) a similar project already exists

(5) The decision of approving or rejecting an account request shall be documented and justified with respect to the criteria above. Appeals are handled by the management of Wikimedia Germany.

(6) Access to the Toolserver can be revoked at any time by the management of Wikimedia Germany or any person designated for account approval. Access shall be revoked if a renewed request would be denied due to the criteria set forth in (3).