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This page was moved from the Toolserver wiki.
Toolserver has been replaced by Toolforge. As such, the instructions here may no longer work, but may still be of historical interest.
Please help by updating examples, links, template links, etc. If a page is still relevant, move it to a normal title and leave a redirect.

# ircname is your nick in the irc-channel #wikimedia-toolserver on freenode -- leave it empty if you're not in the irc
ircname = John_Doe
# wikiname is your username in your default wikimedia project
wikiname = John Doe
# homewiki is the domain name of your default wikimedia project
homewiki =
# firstlang is the language you speak best -- shouldn't be empty ;-)
firstlang = Dutch
# secondlang is another language you understand more or less, may be empty
secondlang = English, German
# just give your email-adress here if you want to publish it
email = johndoe@wikimedia.invalid
# if you've got a status such as root which could be interesting for "outsiders", tell it here
status = query-service, dewiki bureaucrat, commonswiki sysop, MediaWiki developer, Wikimedia DE member
## that's it :)