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Handling <pre><ref></pre> with trailing slash does not work correctly

Bonvol (talkcontribs)

Hi VE team!

On Polish Wiki we often use "Przypisy-lista" or "Przypisy" templates that work almost the same way to "reflist" template on English Wikipedia. A lot of our users (including me) group their source references in the bottom part of the article, inside the reflist-like template and refer to them using

<ref name="MyFavouriteBook" />

(with trailing slash) in the "body" of the article and "register" them fully using Cite web and similar templates. If I click in Visual Editor on such a reference, no information from the related reference appears, although full citation template is used in the reflist and the field translated as "Use existing reference" is grayed out. It is very misleading and prevents the users from adding another reference or even checking existing one when in edit mote. As coverage with sources is a critical issue on all Wikipedia projects, I'd like to see improvements in this area.

Note: "Odn" template (reference to a book in Bibliography section) works well. Standard




Whatamidoing (WMF) (talkcontribs)

I'm sorry that you have encountered this problem.

These are list-defined references that have been wrapped in a template. List-defined references do not work now, but probably will in the future (2015?). References contained in any template are effectively hidden from VisualEditor. I do not know if this problem is solvable.

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