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Geitost (talkcontribs)

Hello Krenair, can you please explain your revert to me? I’m not sure how it is in English, but in German we’re using the normal apostrophe which is ’ and not ' (which isn’t an apostrophe but often used as such instead, if there’s no apostrophe on the tastature – but it shall not be used in German Wikipedia articles since it’s not the right sign – typography). That’s why I changed the apostrophes here also. I just saw into the English article w:Apostrophe where I’m also told that this is the (correct) apostrophe. Maybe there are other conventions about that in English Wikipedia or here that I don’t know? I just don’t understand by now, what is wrong with using the right apostrophes.

By the way, the Quotation marks are also wrong most of the time I see them here. Normally, in English texts, they are “…” and not "…", but they also are often used as "…" which I don’t understand. If I had found the correct English quotation marks on my tastature at once, I would have change that, too. What do you think should be used normally? And you also reverted the wrong sentence again to „We a have lot of work to do“ which I can’t understand that way – what shall this mean? Kind regards, Geitost diskusjon 23:48, 18 March 2012 (UTC)

Krenair (talkcontribs)

I've only ever really considered "'" and '"' to be apostrophes. I rarely see people using "’", "“", or "”". Maybe it's a non-English keyboard thing.

That said you're probably right, so I've reverted it to your revision. :)

Geitost (talkcontribs)

Ok. I asked you because I’m really uncertain about the English conventions at Wikipedia or here about which signs shall be used or which ones shouldn’t (and perhaps only are used by habit or because they are easier to reach). ;-) I’m also seeing very often the ' and " in English texts and I’m always wondering about that. (I thought you perhaps might know more about such conventions.) ;-) Maybe, there’s a guide for it somewhere which I don’t know by now. I only know that these signs are also often used in German texts, but the conventions say that they shouldn’t, so a lot of people change them to the right signs. :-) Maybe, someone comes along and tells us more. :-)

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