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Sebculture (talkcontribs)

I would love to give some love to an editor for a particular action. For example I would love to give a quick "thanks" to a revision directly inside the history of the page.

For example, I made some changes yesterday on and someone corrected a typo error here by user Pom445. I would love to give him a quick "thank you" for that simple action.

I think that the WikiLove button is great, but it's more something for big actions. In real life, using the "Wikilove" button for a syntax error would be like buying flowers for someone who picked up a coin you lost in the street.

Steven (WMF) (talkcontribs)

I agree. I have felt that I wanted to thank people, but a cookie or a barnstar is a bit much sometimes. I've also even had newbies I welcomed tell me they couldn't possibly deserve a welcome for their "minor" edits.

Jorm (WMF) (talkcontribs)

This describes a feature I have wanted to build for a very, very long time - in fact, it's in the first drafts of my LiquidThreads designs. A simple "thanks" button. Something small. We could tie it to revisions.

Maybe I'll pull up a design this weekend.

He7d3r (talkcontribs)


Kronf (talkcontribs)

Errm… what's the problem about just saying "thanks" to the one?

SarahStierch (talkcontribs)

A WikiHiFive perhaps ;)

Sebculture (talkcontribs)

You mean just saying "thanks" on the discussion page ?

First, the receiver of the "thanks" should quickly be able to know for what contributions he got the "thanks". Of course you could do everything by yourself by

  1. Visiting discussion page of the User
  2. Copy URL of his contribution
  3. Edit page / Create new section
  4. Write '"thanks" and paste contribution URL
  5. Save changes

But this would be way to long for a spontanious and quick "hey thanks".

A quick "Thanks" button could automate this process, and thus give a fast, precise and satisfying feedback.

"thanks" = "hey I saw your change, I validate it, I think it's improvement, and thank you for this !"

Jorm (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Yeah, this is closer to the logic I'm thinking about.

He7d3r (talkcontribs)

Note: steps 3 and 4 are actullay only one step, because there is the "new section" link on talk pages.

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