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I don't know if the content of Article_feedback/Extended_review#Wireframes_3 is still to be considered or is already a discarded option (if so, why?), but you may want to try out the approach currently used on English Wiktionary. Look at the sidebar of a random word. There will be a "Feedback" section with some default options and also a link to wikt:Wiktionary:Feedback. (Unfortunatelly, the toolserver account used to collect the data seems to have expired and the tool doesn't seems to be fully functional at the moment)

There is also something similar on Spanish Wikipedia, right below the "Donate" link in the sidebar, wich allows readers to notify editors about specific problems on articles. To test it, open a random article and click on "Notificar un error". See also the talk about implementing it on English Wikipedia on topic "Report an error" feature of Village pump.

Helder22:03, 7 July 2011