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Transcluding onlyinclude and includeonly tags

Joeytje50 (talkcontribs)
short question

Is there a way to let a template include <includeonly><onlyinclude>{{{date}}}</onlyinclude></includeonly> when transcluded?

longer explaination for question

I'll try to explain it with this table:

Page name: Template(in this case: "template:update") Page between(in this case: "update page") Final page(in this case: "item page")
use: add a notice to "update page" show information about the update,
and when transcluded show the date of it only
Only have the text between the onlyinclude tags included

This is because at the RuneScape Wiki i am trying to automate the update date. Because there is always a link to the update page on the item page, and the update page has the date on it, i want the update page to have an additional note with the date entered(between onlyinclude tags) and i don't want it to appear on the update page itself(between includeonly tags). All update pages have the template:Update on it, with the parameter {{{date}}} so I want template:update to add <includeonly><onlyinclude>{{{date}}}</onlyinclude></includeonly> to the update page so that when the item page has {{#time:j F Y|{{Update:(updatename)}}}} on it, it shows the date in "dd month yy" automatically without needing to add that yourself.

I hope someone can help me.

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