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SphinxSearch fatal error - class not loading

Ironinthesoul (talkcontribs)

I have installed sphinx search on our Linux box and it works fine using the command line, but when I try it in MediaWiki I get the following error in my logs:

"PHP Fatal error: Class 'SphinxMWSearch' not found in .../includes/SearchEngine.php on line 205" (The ... is my truncation to not reveal the full path);

All the files seem to be in the right place: extensions/SphinxSearch I've added the sphinxapi.php from my Sphinx download.

It looks like the initial file required in LocaSettings.php is working as it is failing later on, and there are no other paths to set so I'm not sure why the class is not being found.

Has anyone else had a similar problem and solved it? If not, does anyone have any ideas how to fix this as I'm going round in circles now.

My setup is: MediaWiki: 1.6.10 PHP: 5.2.17 (apache2handler) MySQL: 5.0.77 Sphinx 0.9.9

Emufarmers (talkcontribs)

That extension is unlikely to work with MediaWiki 1.6.10.

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