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Golob (talkcontribs)

Hello, I have two problems that, I guess, have common cause. My mediawiki is at: (I made it appear in English so that you could look at it, even though pages are in Polish). My page is on a shared host. Here are the current versions of extensions that are used.

The two problems are: Searchbox isn't appearing in the left sidebar, even though the link is in the source.

Second one, is vector extension is not working, even though, one can clearly see that it is installed .

What I want to work is: searchbox that offers hints, and collapsible tabs in the left sidebar.

Only more information I could give you is the one generated by mediawiki on the update page:

Welcome to MediaWiki! Environmental checks

Basic checks are performed to see if this environment is suitable for MediaWiki installation. You should provide the results of these checks if you need help during installation.

PHP 5.2.13 is installed.

Warning: SQLite is compiled without the FTS3 module, search features will be unavailable on this backend.

Warning: Could not find APC, XCache or WinCache.

Object caching is not enabled.

GNU diff3 not found.

Found GD graphics library built-in.

Image thumbnailing will be enabled if you enable uploads.

Allen4names (talkcontribs)

You can set up your wiki in Polish and create a link for english users with the uselang parameter. (examples: (short url doe not work yet)) You can also choose to use the monobook skin or edit your MediaWiki:common.css page if you want to have the searchbox in the sidebar. I don't know enough about the Vector extension to help you with that.

Golob (talkcontribs)

Whoa, I just found solution. The problem was, that at the very begging of LocalSettings.php I've added a letter by mistake. It made some of the local settings not to be read. The solution was just to remove that letter and voila! everything works.

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