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Budstellabecks~mediawikiwiki (talkcontribs)


My wiki is currently bugged. I think it may have something to do with the same info being submitted twice as a csv import.

As a side effect I'm unable to save pages as well as a few other things.

MediaWiki 1.20.4 PHP 5.3.3 (cgi-fcgi) MySQL 5.0.92-50-log

The error I get using $wgShowExceptionDetails = true; bring up the following,

Thanks in advance for any info

Internal error
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The Title object did not provide an article ID. Perhaps the page doesn't exist?


#0 /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage23/yo/ur/si/ LinksUpdate->__construct(Object(Title), Object(ParserOutput), true)
#1 /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage23/yo/ur/si/ ParserOutput->getSecondaryDataUpdates(Object(Title))
#2 /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage23/yo/ur/si/ WikiPage->doEditUpdates(Object(Revision), Object(User), Array)
#3 [internal function]: WikiPage->doEdit('{{Individual Mo...', 'Add more months...')
#4 /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage23/yo/ur/si/ call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#5 /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage23/yo/ur/si/ Article->__call('doEdit', Array)
#6 /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage23/yo/ur/si/ Article->doEdit('{{Individual Mo...', 'Add more months...')
#7 /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage23/yo/ur/si/ DTImportJob->run()
#8 /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage23/yo/ur/si/ MediaWiki->doJobs()
#9 /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage23/yo/ur/si/ MediaWiki->restInPeace()
#10 /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage23/yo/ur/si/ MediaWiki->run()
#11 {main}

This post was posted by Budstellabecks~mediawikiwiki, but signed as Budstellabecks. (talkcontribs)

You are obviously processing jobs in the background. In your stacktrace it is the job "DTImportJob". This job tries to update a page, but it seems like this page is not there. So the correct thing to do would be not to try updating the page, but to try creating it.

The problematic job obviously comes with the extension DataTransfer_PS, so I would check, if an update for this extension is available.

Budstellabecks~mediawikiwiki (talkcontribs) (talkcontribs)

Then the extension obviously is not compatible with recent versions of MediaWiki. I don't know if the mechanism of page creation/page update changed within the last versions of MediaWiki, however at least with current versions the extension does not seem to be able to work correctly. You can try contacting the extension author so that he can fix this issue.

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