Linker::makeImageLink2: File:blah.jpg does not allow inline display

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1 year later. I am having same problem. Using mw version 1.17.0, supposed to be stable.Installed PHP GD Appreciate if you could share solution if you managed to fix the prob. Thanks! Zai

Zaisarkar (talk)13:08, 12 March 2012

This can be caused if MediaWiki had trouble determining the width and/or height of the image.

The width and height are generally discovered at upload time and stored in the db. A purge action causes this data to be re-fetched from the image.

So it sounds like your db somehow got bad data for some images.

Try running the maintenance script refreshImageMetadata.php with the -f option

php refreshImageMetadata.php -f

(rebuildImages.php would probably also work. Both scripts do similar things).

Bawolff (talk)02:44, 13 March 2012