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Exporting use contributions history

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Exporting contributions history

Special:Export lets me save the contribution history of a page, but how about the history of my own contributions? I can export my own user (talk) pages, but I'd like to export/save my contributions across Wikipedia.

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

Hmm, the usercontributions api module cannot be used as a generator, so it the answer to your question is, not easily. Furthermore, the api seems only to export the latest version of the page, not a specific revision. (Even with the revids parameter. Sounds like a bug. Filied as bugzilla:38669)

So really you can only do it by going to each page on your contrib list, and exporting each one. Or you could download a backup of all of wikipedia (which is a little big, but would have your contribs)

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