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[RESOLVED] Category:Pages with broken file links

Stampstudy (talkcontribs)

Mediawiki : 1.19.4 PHP : 5.3.3 MySQL : 5.1.67

On my site we have many pages that fall into the "Pages with broken file links" category as it is the nature of the site to create the image placeholders first and upload images at a later date. The problem I am having is that once a page is created and then the wanted files uploaded at a later date the page is not cleared from the "Pages with broken file links" category. The only way that I can seem to clear them is by editing the page and clicking save (no actual edit required).

Is there a way to automatically clear the pages from the category? maybe a maintenance script ?

Site : (talkcontribs)

Yes, there is a maintenance script called rebuildall.php. I think it should do the job.

Stampstudy (talkcontribs)

Many thanks - that fixed it. It took forever (94700 links) but will put it in a cronjob. (talkcontribs)

> will put it in a cronjob.

That would have been my next advice. I guess not many people use your system say at 3 a.m. ;-)

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

if the category is not useful it can be disabled by replacing the page mediawiki:broken-file-category with a single hyphen.

you don't need rebuildAll.php, refreshLinks.php should be sufficient (but still way to long)

really this is a mw bug. uploading an image should do a linksupdate on relabent pages.

Beginneruser (talkcontribs)

if with run maintenance scriptas:

  • rebuildAll.php
  • refreshLinks.php

problem not solved, what's another way for fix showing image from common in custom wiki?

Dshinks (talkcontribs)


We're currently having a similar problem to this. When a user uploads a new image to an empty placeholder on a page, the image uploads fine, but the placeholder doesn't update with the image at that point. If the user edits the affected page, only then does the image appear.

Rebuildall.php would resolve that problem for existing broken image links, but it continues to happen for further placeholders that get added.

Any ideas on where I should be looking for a solution at all?

Dshinks (talkcontribs)

We've found the answer to this one!

We've just completed a migration to our wiki to a new instance, which involved importing all of the pages from an XML dump.

That seems to have left a massive backlog in our jobs table.

The fix in this case would be to run the maintenance script RunJobs.php to clear down the backlog.