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Theslboat (talkcontribs)

sorry,i not mush know how to report this,i only can found is here. the bug is,if you are a new use,(never setting anything before),click the langguae button,selecet ime,this will nothing come out,it means you even cant disable the keyboard icon.

i use a temp way to fix it: /UniversalLanguageSelector/resources/js/ext.uls.inputsettings.js

202 		prepareLanguages: function () {
203 			var inputSettings = this,
205 				selectedImeLanguage = $.ime.preferences.getLanguage() || "en", //if never define a language,like first time,it will make mistake
206 				languagesForButtons, $languages, suggestedLanguages,
207 				firstLanguage, lang, i, language, $button, $caret;
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