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Unfortunately not get to use this code:

 $phpbbUser = new phpbbSSO();
 $forumURL = '';         
        //If a logged in user is not part of the group, he's treated as not logged in. Thus we don't display the Login link if group membership is required.
                echo '<a href="'.$forumURL.'/ucp.php?mode=login" title="Login" accesskey="l">Login</a>
                 / <a href="'.$forumURL.'/ucp.php?mode=register">Register</a>';
        echo '
        <a href="'.$prefsUrl.'">wiki preferences</a> | 
        <a href="'.$forumURL.'/ucp.php?i=pm&folder=inbox"><strong>'.$phpbbUser->messages.'</strong> new messages</a> | 
        <a href="'.$forumURL.'/ucp.php?mode=logout&sid='.$phpbbUser->session_id.'" title="Logout [ '.$phpbbUser->userName.' ]" accesskey="l">Logout [ '.$phpbbUser->userName.' ]</a>';

in the skin Here is a snippet of code from the file of the skin:

        function personalLoginBox() {
        <!--li><a href="#"><?php //$this->msg('personaltools') ?>My Accounts</a-->
 <?php           foreach($this->data['personal_urls'] as $key => $item) { ?>
                        <li id="pt-<?php echo Sanitizer::escapeId($key) ?>"<?php
                                if ($item['active']) { ?> class="active"<?php } ?>><a href="<?php
                        echo htmlspecialchars($item['href']) ?>"<?php echo $this->data['skin']->tooltipAndAccesskey('pt-'.$key) ?><?php
                        if(!empty($item['class'])) { ?> class="<?php
                        echo htmlspecialchars($item['class']) ?>"<?php } ?>><?php
                        echo htmlspecialchars($item['text']) ?></a></li>
 <?php           } ?>

I'm trying to change (after getting the error 500) (skin:gumaxdd)

Gth-au (talkcontribs)

I also found the approach of modifying the skin to be rather confusing - perhaps because the contents of this section of skin templates has changed since these instructions were first written? Refer to a response further down on this talk page that suggests a method for modifying the links that works without messing around the skin files.

PS: I amended your post to use PRE tags, since CODE didn't seem to work properly.

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