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The description say: "Copy the code from Babel.css file into your MediaWiki:Common.css you can change it as desired." But the link does not work. Where is the script example? 07:14, 6 February 2013 (UTC)

Kaganer (talkcontribs)

Babel.css for version 1.19 - here

In the version 1.20 (and in the master) this file is excluded (for some reason, unknown to me) :(

SPQRobin (talkcontribs)
  1. The file was moved from Babel.css to resources/ext.babel.css (imho it's a bit idiotic to have a directory for just one file...).
  2. The documentation is outdated anyway because it doesn't need to be copied to MediaWiki:Common.css.

I updated the installation instructions.

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