Set WYSIWYG rich text editor as default for new users in MediaWiki 1.17.x

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It would seem to be a no-brainer that everyone who set up Extension:WYSIWYG would want this. I found it in an old FCKeditor installation. Add these four (4) lines to LocalSetting.php. New users will have WYSIWYG rich text editor as default while hiding wikitext editor. Use My Preferences page to undo, but why?

$wgDefaultUserOptions['riched_use_toggle'] = 0; $wgDefaultUserOptions['riched_start_disabled'] = 0; $wgDefaultUserOptions['riched_use_popup'] = 0; $wgDefaultUserOptions['riched_toggle_remember_state'] = 1;

GsoClarke03:00, 23 December 2011

Why? We (intranet site) have significant issues with the WYSIWYG editor. I wish I could get rid of it, but too many users refuse to learn to edit wikitext.

Julie C.20:15, 6 January 2012

Hi Julie, could you please be more specific about issues you are having? We are constantly striving to improve wysiwyg editor so any feedback is important to us.

Ridmi12:41, 7 January 2012

Ridmi, I posted about the problems here, immediately after I posted this.

Julie C.22:36, 8 January 2012

delete, 27 March 2013