This week's updates

Revision as of 17:59, 7 January 2009 by Brion VIBBER (talk | contribs)
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  • Put restricted image moving back, with Brion's permission (disabled pending some final tests)
  • (bug 6749) Terminology on history page [last -> prev]
  • (bug 11330) Improper use of WebRequest::getIntOrNull()
  • (bug 12433) DefaultSettings.php $wgReadOnlyFile comment clarifications
  • (bug 9243) Avoid exit to make MW handle page exceptions properly
  • (bug 16850) Allow $wgActionPaths to contain query strings.
  • (bug 5071) Image appears above text when viewing diff of an image page
  • (bug 16802) application/x-rar is not a known mime-type
  • (bug 16783) MediaWiki:Cannotdelete error should include a log extract
  • (bug 16659) Prettify permalinks. Just use ?oldid=x
  • (bug 16862) Non-content pages sometimes do not get autopatrolled
  • (bug 16429) "nominornewtalk" should not trigger e-mail notifications
  • (bug 16107) Rename Special:Imagelist to Special:ListImages to keep the consisten...
  • (bug 16045) Pagination links break on Special:Log/Username
  • (bug 16044) Vague error message in Special:Emailuser
  • (bug 16107) Imagelist -> ListFiles
  • (bug 15999) Rollback using markasbot (bot rollback) shouldn't get a diff
  • (bug 16865) Access to pages via "curid" parameter should include meta noindex
  • (bug 15498) Provide links to revisions listed at the Special:Contributions page
  • (bug 14970) Add a number of revisions column to the Special:ImageList page
  • (bug 14737) Allow the autoconfirmed timer to run from the first edit
  • (bug 16376) Mention in deleteBatch.php and moveBatch.php maintenance scripts tha...
  • (bug 16507) Not setting "other time" on creation unprotection error removed
  • (bug 15427) Make monobook firstheading have an ID (instead of class) like modern
  • (bug 2242) Introduce expiry time for temporary passwords.
  • (bug 16560) Special:Random returns a page from ContentNamespaces, and no longer from NS_MAIN. Patch contributed by Lucas Garczewski.
  • (bug 16720) Transcluded Special:NewPages processes "/username=". Patch submitted by Brent G.


  • (bug 16854) Provide explicit error when is omitted. Patch by Brad Jorsch.

Flagged revs

  • Track # of reviewed edits for users
  • Track # of rollbacked edits
  • Turn off userpage requirement
  • (bug 16894) Simplify URL after automatic flagging
  • (bug 16879) Add Link to help page on draft pages
  • Use minimum max tally counts to allow future changes to be easier (less likely to need to re-run this)
  • Tweak promote values
  • Enforce reviewedEdits param
  • Remove sorbs check option
  • reviewedEdits -> totalReviewedEdits
  • Move up some of the fast checks
  • Bump uniqueContentPages
  • Add autopatrol of new pages to log


  • MediaWiki:Protect-expiring needs to have date and time separated.
  • Use user's language for 'protect-expiring' message in Special:Protectedpages and Special:Protectedtitles, no need to use it as content as it will simply be shown to the user and nothing else
  • removed $wgOut->setPagetitle( ... ), already done in SpecialPage::execute()
  • Modified paths:
  • + id on Whatlinkshere for list for easier access
  • Add new messages 'movepage-moved-redirect' and 'movepage-moved-noredirect' per


  • Expand ArticleRollbackComplete hook to include reverted rev