This week's updates

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Regression fixes

  • Reverted unpopular Safari change: (bug 1941) Explicitly tell browsers to use a monospaced font for textareas. Safari apparently defaults to a proportional font, which can make editing pages with preformatted text difficult
  • (bug 16786) Restored "redundant" links recently removed from Classic side
  • (bug 16806) Fix regression from r44524 that caused links to not get added to mLinks in ParserOutput, which caused them to not be included in LinksUpdate::LinksUpdate(), and not added to pagelinks.
  • CodeReview extension
    • (bug 16853) Redirect to code rev url with comment fragment and post

General fixes

  • Localizations
    • lots of updates!
    • Bug fix for 'gsw' special page aliases
  • Logging
    • Special:Log: Add 'change protection' link for unprotected pages too
    • Special:Log: Add log type specific CSS classes 'mw-logline-$logtype' to 'li' elements
    • (bug 16121) Add a note that a page move was without creating a redirect in the move log
    • (bug 16484) Remove an unneeded extra comma in user rights log (and other lists)
  • (bug 16754) Making arbitrary rows of sortable tables sticky: |- class="unsortable"
  • Show subversion too even if a "normal" version number is available
  • (bugs 212, 16026) revision-info, revision-info-current, cannotdelete, redirectedfrom, historywarning, difference, summary and subject messages now use Wiki text rather than raw HTML markup (I thought I reverted this?)
  • Image moving over an existing file no longer throws a database error
  • (bug 16209) Deleted images are not watched
  • (bug 16497) Cut down on heavy memory usage here
  • Tweaks to HTML file cache usage
  • (bug 16721) Reset auth token to stop auto-login. Auto-login defeats the user renaming

Section header link stuff

  • We're experimenting with Unicode-friendlier fragment/anchor bits for section headers. The new mode is live on , but isn't quite complete -- some stuff might not be working right yet.

Code Review

  • diffs now saved permanently instead of just cached for 24 hrs


  • "prefix" get param can be added, when used with lucene 2.1 server


  • handle the "o" format character for PHP 5.1.0+, older versions need emulation


  • "prefix" get param can be added, to be used by the search server
  • (bug 5552) add a fulltext-only search mode to inputbox


  • lots of freaky stuff :D
  • External Storage disabled since it's not really used well anymore
  • Avoid history list item duplication
  • Improve global bot handling (acknowledge global bots)
  • #ca-stable and #ca-current tab shown on rollback correctly
  • Corrected x tick intervals on feedback graphs


  • XHTML fixes