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Update to r46424...


  • Added $wgNewPasswordExpiry, to specify an expiry time (in seconds) to temporary passwords
  • Added $wgUseTwoButtonsSearchForm to choose the Search form behavior/look
  • Added $wgNoFollowDomainExceptions to allow exempting particular domain names from rel="nofollow" on external links
  • (bug 2242) Add an expiry time to temporary passwords
  • (bug 9947) Add PROTECTIONLEVEL parser function to return the protection level for the current page for a given action
  • (bug 17002) Add &minor= and &summary= as parameters in the url when editing, to automatically add a summary or a minor edit.
  • (bug 16852) padleft and padright now accept multiletter pad characters
  • When using 'UserCreateForm' hook to add new checkboxes into Special:UserLogin/signup, the messages can now contain HTML to allow hyperlinking to the site's Terms of Service page, for example
  • Add new hook 'UserLoadFromDatabase' that is called while loading a user from the database.
  • (bug 17045) Options on the block form are prefilled with the options of the existing block when modifying an existing block.
  • (bug 17055) "(show/hide)" links to Special:RevisionDelete now use a CSS class rather than hardcoded HTML tags
  • Added new hook 'WantedPages::getSQL' into SpecialWantedpages.php to allow extensions to alter the SQL query which is used to get the list of wanted pages
  • (bugs 16957/16969) Add show/hide to preferences for RC patrol options on specialpages
  • (bug 11443) Auto-noindex user/user talk pages for blocked user
  • (bug 11644) Add $wgMaxRedirects variable to control how many redirects are recursed through until the "destination" page is reached.
  • Add $wgInvalidRedirectTargets variable to prevent redirects to certain special pages.
  • Use HTML5 rel attributes for some links, where appropriate
  • Added optional alternative Search form look - Go button & Advanced search link instead of Go button & Search button
  • (bug 2314) Add links to user custom CSS and JS to Special:Preferences
  • More helpful error message on raw page access if PHP_SELF isn't set
  • (bug 13040) Gender switch in user preferences
  • (bug 13040) {{GENDER:}} magic word for interface messages
  • (bug 3301) Optionally sort user list according to account creation time
  • Remote description pages for foreign file repos are now fetched in the content language.
  • (bug 17180) If $wgUseFileCache is enabled, $wgShowIPinHeader is automatically set to false.
  • (bug 16604) Mark non-patrolled edits in feeds with "!"
  • (bug 16604) Show title/rev in IRC for patrol log
  • (bug 16854) Whether a page is being parsed as a preview or section preview can now be determined and set with ParserOptions.

Bug fixes in 1.15[edit]

  • (bug 16968) Special:Upload no longer throws useless warnings.
  • (bug 17000) Special:RevisionDelete now checks if the database is locked before trying to delete the edit.
  • (bug 16852) padleft and padright now handle multibyte characters correctly
  • (bug 17010) maintenance/namespaceDupes.php now add the suffix recursively if the destination page exists
  • (bug 17035) Special:Upload now fails gracefully if PHP's file_uploads has been disabled
  • Fixing the caching issue by using -{T|xxx}- syntax (only applies on wiki with LanguageConverter class)
  • Improving the efficiency by using -{A|xxx}- syntax (only applies on wiki with LanguageConverter class)
  • (bug 17054) Added more descriptive errors in Special:RevisionDelete
  • (bug 11527) Diff on page with one revision shows "Next" link to same diff
  • (bug 15936) New page's patrol button should always be visible
  • (bug 8065) Fix summary forcing for new pages
  • (bug 10569) redirects to Special:Mypage and Special:Mytalk are no longer allowed by default. Change $wgInvalidRedirectTargets to re-enable.
  • (bug 3043) Feed links of given page are now preceded by standard feed icon
  • (bug 17150) escapeLike now escapes literal \ properly
  • Inconsistent use of sysop, admin, administrator in system messages changed to 'administrator'
  • (bug 14423) Check block flag validity for block logging
  • DB transaction and slave-lag avoidance tweaks for Email Notifications
  • (bug 17104) Removed [Mark as patrolled] link for already patrolled revisions
  • (bug 17106) Added 'redirect=no' and 'mw-redirect' class to redirects at "user contributions"
  • Rollback links on new pages removed from "user contributions"
  • (bug 15811) Re-upload form tweaks: license fields removed, destination locked, comment label uses better message
  • Whole HTML validation ($wgValidateAllHtml) now works with external tidy
  • Parser tests no longer fail when $wgExternalLinkTarget is set in LocalSettings
  • (bug 15391) catch DBQueryErrors on external storage insertion. This avoids error messages on save were the edit in fact is saved.
  • (bug 17184) Remove duplicate "z" accesskey in MonoBook

API changes in 1.15[edit]

  • (bug 16858) Revamped list=deletedrevs to make listing deleted contributions and listing all deleted pages possible
  • (bug 16844) Added clcategories parameter to prop=categories
  • (bug 17025) Add "fileextension" parameter to meta=siteinfo&siprop=
  • (bug 17048) Show the 'new' flag in list=usercontribs for the revision that created the page, even if it's not the top revision
  • (bug 17069) Added ucshow=patrolled|!patrolled to list=usercontribs
  • action=delete respects $wgDeleteRevisionsLimit and the bigdelete user right
  • (bug 15949) Add undo functionality to action=edit
  • (bug 16483) Kill filesort in ApiQueryBacklinks caused by missing parentheses. Building query properly now using makeList()