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Krinkle (talkcontribs)
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Shirayuki (talkcontribs)

Make the following links translatable! : "view", "talk", and "edit"

Edokter (talkcontribs)

That requires updating Module:Navbar. The old template was not translated, so why do you keep reverting navbox? I'll ask on en.wiki what needs to be done.

Shirayuki (talkcontribs)

Make links translatable.

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Is there an update of this version? The navbox is just not working or simply vanish in browser mobile-view mode

Hermesed (talkcontribs)

it's a failure for programmer that can't balanced the user experiences between Mobile view and Laptop/PC view.

Many wikis use this template to just ended up having the navbox disappear in mobile view. Some wiki even has to do complex table coding because this one doesn't work well for mobile.

Complete disappointment. you simply didn't care about the mobile view user-experiences. Hope there will be a revision of this navbox

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View/talk/edit links point to wrong pages

Summary by Shirayuki

Yes Done by adding name in Template:Social tools

Shirayuki (talkcontribs)
Nahiyan8 (talkcontribs)

It's no doubt that the module is absolutely superior to this bulky code using ParserFunctions. I'm suggesting replacing it with:


I haven't spotted anything that might be specific to anything here, so I suppose everyone agrees?

This post was posted by Nahiyan8, but signed as Nahiyan.

MZMcBride (talkcontribs)

As long as there are no regressions, I say be bold! Though the usual caveat applies: if there is breakage, you'll be responsible for either fixing it or we'll need to revert. :-)

Nice edit summaries when importing modules from the English Wikipedia, by the way.

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