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Geraki (talkcontribs)

@Yurik, the template is not working properly the last few days. See the first example, the image is not displayed in view mode. Strangely, it is displayed in preview mode. We use it in more than 900 articles in elwiki.

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Geraki (talkcontribs)

We do need a way to set a caption here. Writing it over or under the image does not associate them.

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Ejegg (talkcontribs)

Would be really neat if this had labels with year and population that appeared when you hovered over a data point.

Yurik (talkcontribs)

It would be (and relatively easy to do), but for that one would have to activate (play) the graph. Plus the graph would have a play button on top of it, just like in some graphs in Extension:Graph/Demo.

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