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Dokumentacja szablonu
If this template is not working correctly for a repository, make sure its callsign is listed on Module:Callsigns.


Transclude the template inside an Extension article to create useful links to a repository hosted by Wikimedia. It is specifically designed for usage in the download parameter of Szablon:Rozszerzenie and categorizes into Category:Rozszerzenia w systemie kontroli wersji Wikimedia .

Spacje należy zamienić na '_'.

In the case of Subversion, a custom path (instead of trunk) can be defined by using the second parameter (e.g. if you want to point them to a branched version):

Aby ukryć link do Special:ExtensionDistributor, dodaj parametr nosnapshot=1. This is useful when an extension only exists in a branch, since currently the ExtensionDistributor would say that the extension doesn't exist due to not being in trunk.

By default links for both links for where extension would be on and would be are shown. To only show a particular one, use the server= parameter.




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