Template:Security extension check

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Security issues with authorization extensions
Inclusion/transclusion {{{transclusion}}}
Preloading {{{preloading}}}
XML export (Special:Export) {{{export}}}
Atom/RSS feeds {{{rss/atom}}}
Listings & search {{{search}}}
Diff & revision links {{{diff/oldid}}}
API {{{api}}}
Action links {{{action_links}}}
Related rights {{{related_rights}}}
Author backdoor {{{author_backdoor}}}
Caching {{{caching}}}
Files & Images {{{files_and_images}}}
Redirects {{{redirects}}}
Edit Section {{{editsection}}}
Watching Pages {{{watching}}}
Other extensions {{{other_extensions}}}
Raw/render ?
Recentchanges ?
Known bugs none
Template documentation
{{security extension check
 |transclusion     =
 |preloading       =
 |export           =
 |rss/atom         =
 |search           =
 |diff/oldid       =
 |api              =
 |action_links     =
 |related_rights   =
 |author_backdoor  =
 |caching          =
 |files_and_images =
 |redirects        =
 |editsection      =
 |watching         =
 |other_extensions =
 |bugs             =

Add 'safe' or 'unsafe' for each parameter (or leave blank if unknown). To change the text for a cell, add a new parameter with '_text' (like "transclusion_text = foo").