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Template documentation

This template is a version of {{Reflist}} designed to show a reference section for a talk page discussion within a bordered box. It can also be useful on other types of non-mainspace pages, e.g., for a section in a user's sandbox.


  • {{Reflist-talk}}


The template should be placed after the discussion that includes the references, as it will include all references before the template that haven't been claimed by a previous template.


Incorrectly boxed example[edit]

This template does not work correctly if indented in the usual way that talk page discussions are. If you add : before it, the references do not appear inside the box as expected, but rather you get an indented empty dashed box, followed by the references, which are not indented. (If this is fixed, the following example will display inside a correctly-indented box):[1]


  1. Incorrectly boxed example reference

Correctly boxed example[edit]

If this is fixed, the above example would display inside a correctly-indented box, which would look like the following: [1]


  1. Correctly boxed example reference


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.


This template creates a list of references for a talk page discussion within a particular section.

Template parameters

Section titletitle

The title to display before the references

Columns / Column widthcolwidth 1

Passed to {{Reflist}}. Two modes supported. First mode (deprecated): integer number of fixed columns into which the reference list is to be rendered. Second mode: typographic unit of measurement such as 'em', specifying the width for the reference list columns, e.g. '33em'; spaced '33 em' will not be recognized

1 if < 11 references; otherwise 30em

Passed to {{Reflist}}. Group is an identifier which restricts the references that are shown. Without this parameter, this template only shows references with no group identifier. With a group identifier specified, only references with a matching group identifier are handled. The rest are left alone.

List of referencesrefs

Passed to {{Reflist}}. Provides a space to define named references for use in the article. References defined in this space are not shown unless used somewhere in the article.