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MediaWiki version: X.X
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This template shows the valid MediaWiki version for the paragraph. It appears on the right side of the window in a bordered text field.

Short version of {{MW version}} (without "version2" parameter).


{{MWv|1= [|2=] [|r=] [|gerrit change=] }}
  • 1 (version) - the version number of MediaWiki.
  • 2 (comment) - (optional) if set to and before or and after, places a less-than-or-equal (≤) or greater-than-or-equal (≥) sign before the version number; otherwise adds the comment to the right of the version number box.
  • r - (optional) An SVN revision ID related to the section this template embedded in.
  • gerrit change - (optional) A Gerrit change number implementing the feature.


MediaWiki version: 1.34


MediaWiki version: 1.33


MediaWiki version: 1.6


MediaWiki version: 1.33

{{MWv|1.33|and before}}

MediaWiki version: 1.33

{{MWv|1.33|and after}}

Template:MW version/list1

MediaWiki version: 1.33 text here

{{MWv|1.33|text here}}

MediaWiki version: 1.34


MediaWiki version: 1.34
Gerrit change 123

{{MWv|1.34|gerrit change=123}}

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