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Template documentation

This template is used to create a world map where certain countries are highlighted as needed. While the template has "Graph:" in the name to signifying the use of the Graph extension, it is not required when actually used.


  • [any two digit country code (must be uppercase)]: Sets the color that that country will be in on the map (for example IT=green would color Italy green and TD=#f53aaa would color Chad in the color produced by hex RGB code #f53aaa). The template uses ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 for the country code. If no codes are entered, there is a defualt set of parameters to demo the map (see the inner template).
  • scale: Sets the size of the map. There is no exact width-height control available. By default, this is set to 90.
  • projection: Sets what projection the map will use. By default it is set to equirectangular. Here are some available projections - be warned that not all of them work.


{{Highlighted world map by country|US=red}}

{{Highlighted world map by country|US=blue|scale=80}}

{{Highlighted world map by country|DE=green|FR=#a12aaa|CN=#000000|IT=green|scale=100|projection=mercator}} (note that French Guiana is also colored in)


Very small countries (Singapore, Vatican City) aren't shown on the map.


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