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Po co ten szablon?[edit]

Ten szablon, to szablon pomocniczy dla szablonu Template:Extension/pl. Jeżeli chcesz dodać nowy typ, dodaj go do tego szablonu (switch). Nie należy dodawać go bezpośrednio do Template:Extension/pl.


  • typ - typ. Dla właściwych typów zobacz dokumentację dla Template:Extension. In additional to the legal values, two special values exist to facilitate the coding of Template:Extension:
    • _demomode_ - suppresses the addition of categories. The type name that should be displayed is passed as the second parameter, e.g. {{Extension/TypeSwitch|_demomode_|tag}}. Template:Extension uses this as its value when the template is in demo mode so that it doesn't add category links to the host page.
    • _missing_ - adds the host page to Category:Extensions with invalid or missing type but does not display a label. Template:Extension uses this as its value when no type parameter was provided.