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Error: Invalid time. Other events {{{description}}} {{{contact}}}
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This template offers a unified way to present basic information about events.

As part of a calendar (table)[edit]

This template can also be used to list several events assembled into a calendar, in conjunction with {{event header}} and {{table footer}}:

{{Event header}}
| date = 
| enddate = (optional)
| type = pick among: IRL, meeting, QA-features, QA-browser, QA-freshbugs, QA-oldbugs, other
| description = 
| contact = 
{{Table footer}}
{{Event header}}
| date = 2013-08-07
| enddate = 2013-08-11
| type = IRL
| description = [[wm2013:|Wikimania 2013]] (Hong Kong, China)
| contact = [[wm2013:Contact|Wikimania 2013 team]]
| date = 2013-09-12
| type = QA-freshbugs
| description = Triage of fresh bugs
| contact = [[User:AKlapper (WMF)|Andre Klapper]]
{{Table footer}}
will show:
Date Type Event Contact
7 August 2013–11 August 2013 IRL (physical) meet-ups and conferences Wikimania 2013 (Hong Kong, China) Wikimania 2013 team
12 September 2013 Fresh bugs Triage of fresh bugs Andre Klapper


Supported times
This template supports any time supported by the {{#time:}} parser function.
Supported event types
The icons are part of the Project:Visual identity set.
Type code Icon Used for
IRL Physical meetings, conferences, workshops
meeting Online meetings and chats
QA-features Features testing
QA-browser Browser testing
QA-freshbugs Fresh bugs
QA-oldbugs Old bugs
other Other events

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