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This page is a translated version of the page Template:Diff since trans and the translation is 100% complete.

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{{diff since trans | revisionID}}

This template can be used in the translated pages to see what changes were made to the original page in English (which was the basis for the translation) since the last translation was made.

The template creates a link on the right side of the page, which leads to the desired page of differences, and should normally be placed just below the languages box.


For example, if page Help:Contents/pt is a translation into Portuguese of the revision 289587 of page Help:Contents in English, then:

{{diff since trans | 289587}}

placed in page Help:Contents/pt creates a link that shows all changes in the original page in English, since that revision.

Thus, it is easier to synchronize the translation, by reflecting just the changes shown, and the translated page will again be up to date.

Having updated the translation, revisionId must also be updated. You can find the revisionId for any revision on the page's edit history, by placing the cursor on the desired timestamp; in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window a link will be displayed with the number of that revision.