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This document specifies areas of the {PROJECT} which have specific design requirements. Please do not make changes to this page unless they correspond to changes in the software.

Parts of the document marked in red are parts which have either not been finalized or have yet to be implemented. in either case these parts of the specification are most likely going to be adjusted as implementation details emerge.

Discussion about already or not-yet presented requirements and/or feature requests should take place on the talk page.

While collecting and interpreting requirements and feature requests from the Wikimedia Foundation staff and developer community some of these requirements were understood to be either mutually exclusive or out of scope of the resources dedicated to this project or the scale of the system. For this reason, this specification is the result of negotiation between multiple parties.


{{Design specification head|project=ResourceLoader}}
{{Design specification head|project=UploadWizard|talk=Custom_talk_page_name}}
{{Design specification head|project=Foobar|from=the Wikimedia Foundation}}
{{Design specification head|project=ResourceLoader|draft=1}}
  • project parameter is required.
  • talk, 'from and draft parameters are optional.