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Wikimedia template

Template documentation

This template gets the description of an item or property, and should stay in sync with the same template as d:Template:Description.

Note that the following will generate errors as long as phab:T136501 is unsolved.


  • {{desc|Q1}}: totality of space and all contents
  • {{desc|Q1|en}}: totality of space and all contents
  • {{desc|Q1|es}}: totalidad del espacio-tiempo, la materia y la energía existentes
  • {{desc|P31}}: that class of which this subject is a particular example and member (subject typically an individual member with a proper name label); different from P279; using this property as a qualifier is deprecated—use P2868 or P3831 instead

The language code parameter is optional; if not provided it will default to the local language.