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  1. As of MediaWiki 1.24, JavaScript for Internet Explorer 6 and 7 has been disabled. These browsers are outdated and unsupported, and contain several unpatched security vulnerabilities – see reports for IE6 and IE7. Use of IE6 in particular is strongly discouraged by Microsoft. gerrit:152072, gerrit:152128, Wikitech-ambassadors message
  2. As of MediaWiki 1.27, JavaScript for Internet Explorer 8 has been disabled. gerrit:252383, Wikitech-ambassadors message
  3. As of MediaWiki 1.29, JavaScript for Internet Explorer 9 has been disabled along with other non-ES5 browsers. T128115 Wikitech-l message
  4. As of MediaWiki 1.31, JavaScript for Internet Explorer 10 has been disabled. T187869
  5. As of MediaWiki 1.35, Basic support for Internet Explorer 6 and 7 has stopped. T232563
  6. As of MediaWiki 1.35, Basic support for Android 2 has stopped. T249788
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{{Compatibility browser}}

Prints the compatibility of browsers.

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