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Template documentation

Combination of <code> and <nowiki>.

Unlike with <pre>, wrapping still works.


Write "|" between braces of the wikitext to be displayed (and if its last character is a closing brace, also after that), and also inside tags, to avoid their interpretation by the server.

Write "|" in the desired wikitext as {{!}}.

a{{cnw|'''bold''' ''italics'' {|{tc}|} [[link]] '''bold''' ''italics'' '''bold''' ''italics''}}b


a'''bold''' ''italics'' {{tc}} [[link]] '''bold''' ''italics'' '''bold''' ''italics''b

If a line of wikitext has man braces and/or pipes it is easier to use <code><nowiki>..</nowiki></code>.


The "|" does not avoid interpretation by the browser. For example, a code like &rarr; is not shown but interpreted by the browser. Also, both a single and multiple newlines are displayed as a space by the browser.

{{cnw|arrow      &rarr; {{tc}}



arrow → in ''italics'' [[link]]

To preserve paragraphs, apply the template for each line separately. To preserve also single newlines, use also <poem> tags.






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