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The mobile team would like to consolidate/centralize their documentation (currently split between meta and on

This would also be an opportunity to better organize the content, update outdated pages and retire obsolete ones.

Note: There are currently plans to move project documentation to wikitech, but since there isn't a timeline yet (or even consensus), it makes sense to proceed with this centralization and not wait for a move to wikitech (unless the move to wikitech is uncontroversial and can happen quickly enough).

Inventory[edit | edit source]

  • Talk pages: YesY Imported
  • Templates: YesY Imported

Translations[edit | edit source]

Pages translated:

Proposed organization[edit | edit source]

  1. Everything is imported under Wikimedia Mobile engineering/imported. YesY Done
  2. The pages are then moved under Wikimedia Mobile engineering, Wikimedia Apps or a more specific page. YesY Done
  3. The content of m:Mobile is merged into Wikimedia Mobile engineering, and the various facets are highlighed (What is it, Mobile web, Apps & Partners)

We can use LST to avoid duplicating content, while still being able to present it differently (example).

Steps[edit | edit source]

  • Inventorize YesY Done
  • Delete the pages on meta that are no longer useful YesY Done
  • Plan the organization YesY Done
  • Determine who does what YesY Done
  • Import the content YesY Done
    • Import all pages under a "Destination root page" like Wikimedia Mobile engineering/imported and then rename to a proper name to avoid making a mess, prevent title conflicts, and give a unified pointer for interwiki redirects. YesY Done
  • Clean up & organize the content YesY Done
    • Make old links work using the root page YesY Done
  • Import pages currently using the Translate extension In progress In progress
  • Add interwiki redirects to historical pages on meta YesY Done