Technical Leadership Community of Practice


This is an informal community of practice.

Who can join?[edit]

We're a group of engineers in positions of technical leadership at the Wikimedia Foundation or affiliated organizations, regardless of job title.

Invitations are viral. (Anyone on the calendar invite may add you.)

One aspect of this meeting is to function as a safe space for engineers to discuss their work practices and workplace experience. For this reason, managers should only attend when invited for specific discussions.

Where, when and how?[edit]

  • We meet once or twice a month by video call.
  • Private channel for chat between meetings. (See How to private channel.)
    • Channel ops use /mode #wikimedia-techlead +I $a:Someone to add someone to the invitation list.
    • Anyone in the channel can use /invite Someone to invite someone one-off.
  • Anything of general importance should be shared in public spaces or other pre-existing channels and mailing lists.
  • Anything of meta importance should be emailed to the calendar invite participants.