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Technical decision making/Community representation

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The Technical Decision Forum is "a place to clarify stakeholders and problem statements" for folks working towards cross cutting changes in MediaWiki and other Wikimedia movement software projects. The Forum is both the location that proposals will be posted and a group of individuals representing the concerns of teams/projects that they represent in the subsequent discussion.

The Forum's members will include representatives from many technical teams within the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Deutschland. These members will be appointed by their respective employers. The Forum will also include the perspectives of other Wikimedia and MediaWiki developers from the larger FOSS volunteer community.

Number of community seats on Forum[edit]

There will be 2 community seats for the initial 2022 Forum.

The number of community seats may be adjusted at any time by the CTPO (Chief Technology and Product Officer of the Wikimedia Foundation) or their designated representative(s). Removal of community seats must not take effect until the conclusion of the next regularly scheduled nomination and appointment process following the announcement of a reductive seat change. Addition of seats takes effect immediately and triggers a special nomination round to fill the additional seats.

Member rights and responsibilities[edit]

Term of service[edit]

Community seats will be filled every 6 months with an appointed member serving until the next nomination and appointment process is completed.

Requirements for consideration[edit]

To be eligible, candidates must be willing and able to fulfill the duties of Forum service, including expending the time and energy required to evaluate and respond to relevant issues before the Forum, to make informed decisions in good faith, and to monitor Forum communication channels regularly.

  • Not be blocked on more than one Wikimedia project.
  • Not be blocked on Wikimedia' Phabricator instance.
  • Not be under active sanctions for violations of the code of conduct for Wikimedia technical spaces.
  • Have a Developer account in good standing.
  • Have +2 rights on the mediawiki ACL on Wikimedia's Gerrit instance.
  • Have made at least 1 merged commit to a git repository hosted in Wikimedia's Gerrit instance within the previous 12 months.

Appointment process[edit]

Community seats are appointed, not elected via popular vote. Nominated candidates will be vetted to ensure that they meet the requirements of consideration before proceeding to consideration for appointment by the CTPO of the Wikimedia Foundation or their appointed representative(s).

Nomination Form

  • An open nomination process must begin 6 weeks prior to the next appointment cycle.
  • Nominations must be accepted for no less than 4 weeks prior to appointment of new Forum members.
  • Nominations are made in public on the nomination form page linked above, or privately by emailing TDFsupport@wikimedia.org .
  • Nominations may be either self made ("I nominate me!") or made by a third party ("I nominate <<person>>!") by completing the nomination form.
  • Self made nominations are considered "accepted of nomination" automatically.
  • Third party nominations must be accepted publicly by the nominee before they proceed to the approval phase.
  • Within one week of acceptance of nomination, a candidate must be either approved for consideration by the CTPO of the Wikimedia Foundation or their appointed representative(s) or disqualified for not meeting one or more requirements for consideration.
  • The Wikimedia community can provide feedback on approved candidates for a period of no less than 2 weeks prior to appointment.
  • Community feedback can be made publicly on the talk page for the nomination form or via private email to TDFsupport@wikimedia.org.
  • Appointments to the Forum are made by the CTPO of the Wikimedia Foundation or their appointed representative(s) following the conclusion of the required feedback cycle for the nominee, but must not be made before the conclusion of the announced nomination period.

Resignation and removal[edit]

Forum representatives can resign at any time. In severe cases, a representative not meeting their obligations can be removed through a majority vote by the representatives of the Forum. In the case of a vacancy, the CTPO of the Wikimedia Foundation or their appointed member responsible for selecting the representative may call for a special nomination round to fill the vacancies. The Forum continues to fully function when there are vacancies.