Technical Collaboration Guidance/Cases/JADE


JADE is an auditing tool for ORES. The software development is beginning in Q1/Q2 of FY2017/18.

TIMEFRAME 1 - proposal and planning[edit]

Tool proposal - JADE is proposed publicly for comment on feature development, September 2017. Announcement.

  • Prototyping/mockups coming after the proposal is published
  • Primary outcome: After the feedback period, a working group of volunteers will be formed
    • The working group will be solicited for feedback as development begins "identify needs, design solutions, and assess the effectiveness of the system."
  • Secondary outcome: Minimize surprise and all the negative reactions that come with surprise.

Feedback proposal - seeking feedback on judgements & endorsements, public analytics, and suppression.

TIMEFRAME 2 - development[edit]


TIMEFRAME 3 - release[edit]