Team Practices Group/Light engagement survey

The Team Practices Group (TPG) was dissolved in 2017.

Starting in the first fiscal quarter of 2015 (July-September), the Team Practices Group has been conducting quarterly CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) surveys to teams in which TPGers are embedded. Starting in July 2016, we also survey individuals and groups who benefit from "light engagements" with TPG, using a shorter survey than the CSAT.

History of the Light Engagement Survey[edit]

In July 2016, we chose a couple ongoing engagements, and a few one-off or time-boxed engagements that were completed within the past couple months.

In August, we administered a survey to stakeholders of those engagements, as the first round of a pilot.

In early September, we analyzed the results, produced a sample report, and refined the survey. Then we selected a new set of recently-completed (or ongoing) engagements, and administered the updated survey to them as our first pilot. Here are the results: Team Practices Group/Light engagement survey reports.

In September, we made changes to the survey and process, and ran a second pilot. Here are the results of that pilot: Team Practices Group/Light engagement survey pilot 2 results.

In October, we documented the process for running surveys. This is saved as a google doc (rather than on wiki) so it can be stored in the same place as the form template itself.

In FY2016Q3 (Oct to Dec 2016) we reviewed how we have used the completed LE Surveys. We determined that 1) the current survey supports NPS measurements if quantitative metrics are required, 2) the current survey is well-suited to the range of uses we intend for it, and 3) for most uses, most TPGers have already acted on results from one or more LE Surveys or have a specific plan to do so. (More information on LE Survey metrics and suitability assesment).

Ongoing survey process[edit]

Individual members of TPG are encouraged to run a survey for each of their light engagements. For one-off engagements, the survey should be sent within a week or so of the end of the engagement. For ongoing engagements, it is up to the TPGer to decide when and how often to run a survey. The TPGer is responsible for analyzing surveys they send out, and then deciding whether/where to document the results. TPGers may refer to the detailed instructions for more information.

Potential Future Changes[edit]

The following suggestions were the result of evaluating the future usage of the TPG's other survey customer satisfaction instrument ("CSAT"). The decision was to deprecate the CSAT in favor of the Light Engagement survey, with the following changes to the Ligh Engagement survey:

  • Change “feedback” verbiage - "feedback" may have some baggage (eg performance reviews) for some respondents; suggested options: "We want your input. How are we doing? What could we do better? Are we doing what you want?"
  • Change “engagement” verbiage - Remove word "engagement" from the first ques: "For the support you are receiving from TPG for this engagement, please respond to how much you agree with this statement, or choose "Not Applicable."
  • Add "what's one thing that your TPGer could be doing better?" (or swap out another question)
  • Generally rename the “LE” and “ongoing LE” survey to use modern terminology: suggested “Engagement Survey”
  • The prompt “I think so far,...” probably doesn’t make sense for “permanent” engagements. I would be willing to pair wordsmith to find something more general.