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Below is the template invitation email for the Team Health Survey.


The Team Practices Group has been developing the survey to provide a barometer of team health across WMF. It's time for the next iteration of the quarterly health check.

What is team 'health'?

Team health is a qualitative measure based on the team's assessment of 11 focus areas (‘Quality’ and ‘Fun’ are two of the areas, for example) that were chosen as health indicators for WMF teams.

This is a tool for teams to get a sense of their pain points, and also a way to get a sense of patterns across teams. The health check survey is not a test, a value judgement, or prescription for a particular way of doing things.

How will we do this?

Each area of the survey will be evaluated on a qualitative scale. The team collectively comes up with one response through conversation about the focus area. Teams have the option to skip areas that they don't feel the need to address, or add other areas that are missing.

The results will be used to help identify patterns and trends on the team itself, as well as across the organization, with the intention of helping teams identify areas where they might focus on for improvements, as well as helping management identify areas to improve at the organizational level.

The survey will be conducted quarterly so we can track the efficacy of our efforts. We would like to make team health transparent and visible, and will post results for teams to review.