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Halaman ini membicarakan tentang pekerjaan Tim Penyuntingan untuk meningkatkan cara berkomunikasi para kontributor di Wikipedia menggunakan halaman pembicaraan.

Halaman ini mengandung informasi tentang tujuan pekerjaan ini, upaya yang lalu yang memengaruhi hal ini, dan mengapa kami mengembangkan halaman pembicaraan sebagai prioritas saat ini.

Untuk mengikuti pengembangan proyek ini, tim kami merekomendasikan untuk mengunjungi dan/atau menambah halaman Talk pages project/Updates ke daftar pantauan Anda. Jika Anda ingin diundang untuk membahas tentang topik yang spesifik, silakan tambahkan nama Anda ke "Daftar pemberitahuan" di sini:

Inisiasi aktif

Dalam bagian ini, kami mendaftarkan proyek yang sedang aktif dikerjakan dan di mana serta bagaimana mereka dapat diterapkan saat ini.

Setiap proyek merupakan semangat untuk meningkatkan pengalaman kontributor dalam berkomunikasi secara produktif di Wikipedia menggunakan halaman pembicaraan.


Status penerapan

Please visit Talk pages project/Deployment Status to learn if and how Talk Pages Project Features are available at each Wikimedia Wiki.

Wikipedia bahasa Arab, Jerman, Prancis, dan Hungaria berpartisipasi dalam proyek ini sebagai "mitra wiki". Ini menunjukkan bahwa alat komunikasi baru untuk halaman pembicaraan akan dapat diterapkan pertama kali pada wiki-wiki ini sehingga kami dapat bekerja sama untuk membuatnya lebih baik. Jika Anda ingin melihat perkakas baru ini diterapkan di wiki Anda, silakan tinggalkan pesan di halaman pembicaraan.

Ada pertanyaan?

Bagian ini mengandung pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang sekiranya Anda dapat membantu tim untuk memecahkannya.

Bagaimana Anda dapat membantu

If questions like the examples given in this section are interesting to you, please add your name to “Participate” subpage.

The ~40 people who already have, are contributing their expertise and experiences to ensure the new tools we develop as part of this project are valuable and useful to the editors who depend on talk pages to communicate now, and in the future.


A gold star with the number 2.000.000
As of (2022-10), more than 2.500.000 new sections and replies have been posted through Extension:DiscussionTools

The best way to stay up to date about the project is by adding the “Updates” subpage to your watch list. The team will use this page to share information about new feature development, deployment plans and questions the team would value your input on.

Updates are typically posted every month. You can read the latest project update here: (2021-12-09) .

The other two places you might consider checking for updates are:

  • Phabricator – to see into the team's daily work.
  • Editing Team Newsletter – to receive highlights every 1–2 months about significant developments in the team's work.


Wikipedia depends on contributors collaborating, and communication is an important part of the collaborative process.


Trouble is, communicating on Wikipedia happens on talk pages which can be challenging for contributors across experience levels to use.

Contributors with more experience report being slowed down by having to do something manual in order for other contributors "to know who posted what, and when, so they can follow the thread of a conversation, post on a user talk page if appropriate, and even just know whether a posting is recent enough to be worth responding to."[2]

Newer contributors on the other hand, find basic tasks, like replying to a comment, confusing. In some instances, these contributors even confuse talk pages for article pages.[3]

The Editing Team has two key objectives with this project. To create tools that:

  1. Make it more intuitive for newcomers to communicate with others so they can grow into productive contributors.[4]
  2. Give experienced contributors more leverage to communicate and coordinate their wiki work with others.

This project is an outcome of the 2019 Talk Pages Consultation, a 5-month long effort that brought volunteers on 20 wikis, across 15 languages and four projects (Wikipedia, Commons, Wikidata and Wiktionary) together with members of the Wikimedia Foundation to share their experiences with existing wiki communication tools and to help develop improvements to them.

The Talk pages project supports the Wikimedia Movement's Medium Term Plan. Specifically, the plan's Thriving Movement priority area which strives to "welcome and support newcomers." We think newer contributors learning and progressing depends on their ability to communicate with more experienced contributors, and by extension, to use talk pages intuitively.[4]


The talk pages project glossary is intended to help us all communicate about talk pages more effectively by making sure we have a shared understanding about the words we use in our discussions and documentation throughout the project.


Many projects have, and are, working to improve contributors' experiences with talk pages. This particular project is better off for their existence. Some of the projects the team continues to learn from are listed below.

If there is a project and or resource you think we should be aware of, please say something on the talk page.

Talk page projects:

Pertanyaan yang sering diajukan

When will the new version of talk pages be released?

There will not be a "new version" of talk pages that will get released all at once. Instead, this project will be made up of a series of incremental improvements that will be released over time.

How are talk pages going to change?

  • Some features may involve introducing new wikitext.

Although, any changes to wikitext will be limited to those that enable new features that benefit contributors. Features like replying to specific comments or watchlisting particular discussions.

  • Potentially changing where the "Discussion" tab exists on the page
  • Potentially changing where metadata – that currently exists atop some talk pages – is presented
The list above is not exhaustive and will likely change as the project progresses.

Berapa lama kira-kira proyek ini akan selesai?

1–2 tahun.

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