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Participant groups[edit]

Already existing groups are listed below.

Community summaries are due by April 6, 2019. We advise communities, especially the ones that would have had collected a lot of replies, to end the conversation by March 31.

We do not advice to create new groups now, unless if you can get a significant amount of feedback before the due date.

Confirmed participant groups
What is the name of the participant group? Which language? How will you consult your group? Where will you document your discussions? Which user will be the primary contact? Notes
Arabic Wikipedia Arabic on-wiki, Wiki-ar mailing list, Twitter Arabic Wikipedia

Talk pages consultation 2019

Chinese Wikipedia Chinese on-wiki, Facebook and Telegram 2019年討論頁諮詢 (Talk pages consultation 2019 on Chinese Wikipedia) Taiwania Justo
Commons Mainly English on-wiki c:Commons:Talk pages consultation 2019 Jc86035 (provisionally); possibly others As above. Jc86035 (talk) 14:53, 28 February 2019 (UTC)
Dutch Wikipedia Dutch on-wiki Dutch Wikipedia

Overlegpagina's raadpleging 2019

User:Ad Huikeshoven (talk) -
English Wikipedia English on-wiki English Wikipedia

Talk pages consultation 2019

Jc86035 (provisionally); possibly others I've set up a section on the page for users to indicate that they would be interested in summarizing the discussion and would be able to do it. Jc86035 (talk) 14:33, 23 February 2019 (UTC)
English Wikisource English on wiki English Wikisource

Talk to us about talking

User:Beleg Tâl
French Wikipedia French on wiki Wikipédia en français

Consultation sur la communication 2019

French Wiktionary French on wiki Wiktionnaire en français

Sur les outils de discussions

German Wikipedia German on-wiki Globale Konsultation zum Thema Kommunikation 2019 Sänger
Hindi Wikipedia Hindi on-wiki Talk to us about talking Wikilover90, J ansari (provisionally); (Possibly others) I can be reached via Wikimail or my talk page
Hungarian Wikipedia Hungarian on wiki Konzultáció a vitalapokról és a közösségi kommunikációról Samat
Iberocoop Spanish, Portuguese, Italian Telegram group on meta-wiki, Iberocoop space Superzerocool I'm a Tech Ambassador for Spanish Wikipedia, but I'd prefer do this volunteer work on Iberocoop.
Japanese Wikipedia Japanese on-wiki Japanese Wikipedia


Norwegian (bokmål) Wikipedia Norwegian Bokmål on wiki Norsk bokmål Wikipedia

Hvordan snakker vi med hverandre

Jeblad (talk) Seems like it is only me on the discussion page, so it will not be much summarizing to do! Jeblad (talk) 12:37, 5 March 2019 (UTC)
Russian Wikipedia Russian on-wiki w:ru:Википедия:Форум/Общий#Консультация по страницам обсуждений 2019 Sunpriat
Thai Wikipedia, Newcomers Thai on-wiki, Facebook Thai Wikipedia, newcomers

Talk pages consultation 2019

User:Tris T7 (User talk:Tris T7) Contact me via sister Project on Meta, Commons, & Global account User:Tris T7
Wikidata Mainly English on-wiki Wikidata

Talk pages consultation 2019

Jc86035 (provisionally); possibly others As above. Jc86035 (talk) 15:47, 23 February 2019 (UTC)
Polish Wikipedia Polish on-wiki Dyskusja Wikipedii:Konsultacje w sprawie stron dyskusji, Informational page I plan to make this place also for sister projects in PL or ask them about another place.
Catalan Wikipedia Catalan on-wiki Consulta sobre Pàgines de discussió 2019 Mikicat I've set up a section in the main community discussions' page to talk about it.

What is a participant group[edit]

Participant groups are a critical part of the "hub-and-spoke" structure of the 2019 Talk Page Consultation. The primary project page on this wiki,, will be the centralized "hub" for the entire process. To allow for different types of Wikimedians to share their thoughts, we want everyone to be able to talk about wiki discussion systems in their primary language in an environment where they feel comfortable.

What is the name of the participant group?
A formal or informal name to identify the participant group. This can be an existing name (such as an affiliate name or WikiProject name) or an new name just for this consultation.
Which language?
The participant group should discuss talk pages in whatever language they feel most comfortable. The final report will however be done in English.
Which user will be the primary contact?
Participant groups can be as large or small as they decide, but each group needs one (or two users) to coordinate the group with the central talk page consultation here on
This user needs to read and write English. We will be in regular contact with this user to make the process as easy as possible.
This user commits to treat all feedback and opinions equally, and take them into account in the final report.
How will you consult your group?
For some groups this may be on their home wiki, others may decide to discuss on another website (such as a social network, as many communities already do), while others may want to talk in-person, such as at an edit-a-thon.
In its first phase, the consultation is not a debate or a process to get a final decision on agreeing on what to do/not do. Each participant of the group gives individual feedback, following the guidances:
  • When you want to discuss a topic with your community, what tools work for you, and what problems block you?
  • What about talk pages works for newcomers, and what blocks them?
  • What do others struggle with in your community about talk pages?
  • What do you wish you could do, but can't due to the technical limitations?
  • What are the important aspects of a "wiki discussion"?
Every participant gives to others the opportunity to express themselves. At the end, the feedback is documented (see below).
When the feedback collection ends?
Community summaries for phase 1 are due by April 6, 2019. Ending the consultation by March 31 may be a good option to have enough time to analyze and structure the feedback.
Where will you document your discussions?
For conversations that happen on-wiki, please provide a link to the discussion. Setup a separate page on (biggest) wikis may help to track all the feedback. For conversations that happen off-wiki, please provide a link to a written summary of the discussions. These can be in your preferred language, and we will coordinate translations later.

Under construction groups[edit]

To be confirmed groups
Which language? How will you consult your group? Where will you document your discussions? Which user will be the primary contact? Notes
Serbien Wikipedia Serbian on-wiki w:sr:Consultatio and comunication Contact me on еn: User:Intermedichbo ср: Корисник:Intermedichbo Intermedichbo My name is Milorad Dimic MD. I am a Specialist of Aviation and Hyperbaric Medicine. A place for communication — Корисник:Intermedichbo
维基中文文史类条目小组 Chinese on-wiki User:Daniel J Zhao
Bulgarian Wikipedia / Българската Уикипедия Bulgarian on-wiki TBC User:Dreamsparker My name is Preslav Yankov and I would wish to help with all my knowledge to the development of Wikipedia.
Bengali Wikipedia Bangla on-wiki, Facebook and Discord discord .gg/JSD9EXP Talk pages consultation 2019 PromiseKun
English Newcomers English on-wiki and Instagram (additional) English Wikipedia, newcomers

Talk pages consultation 2019

User:Manupriy Ahluwalia (talk) I've set up a section for this purpose on my Talk Page.For Instagram you can contact me on @manupriy.User:Manupriy Ahluwalia
Hausa Wikipedia Hausa on-wiki Talk pages consultation 2019 The Living love
Sindhi Wikipedia Sindhi on-wiki, Facebook and Instagram (additional) Sindhi Wikipedia, existing & newcomers

Talk pages consultation 2019

User:JogiAsad ; (Possibly others) I've set up a section for this purpose on Sindhi Wikipedia.For Instagram you can contact me on @Sindhi_Wikipedia_Official.User:JogiAsad

This second table is for groups that are under creation. If your group is ready to receive feedback, please move it to the first table.

Outreach and communication[edit]

This section is a list of groups the team has attempted, or is planning to attempt, outreach to. There may be some overlap with the above sections.

  • Edit-a-thon organizers (~20)
  • kowiki, cswiki
  • Village pumps via MassMessage (630)
  • Ambassadors (731)
  • Affiliates(160)
  • GLAM and Edu list
  • Mailing Lists
  • Teahouse hosts or volunteer welcomers via MassMessage (en.wp: 231, fr.wp: 21.)
  • Individuals who have built custom tools
  • Groups who prefer off-wiki communication, as noted in the tools in use page
  • Additional groups who prefer social media such as Facebook/Twitter