Talk pages consultation 2019/Convenient Discussions notes

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Convenient Discussions screenshot ru old.png

Convenient Discussions is a userscript created by Jack who built the house on Russian Wikipedia. When the userscript is added to your common.js file, it adds a large set of new features that make wiki talk pages easier to read and participate in. The tool is currently only available on Russian.

The documentation for the feature is on Jack's page on Russian WP; this brief page of notes has been created for the convenience of people engaged in the Talk pages consultation 2019 who speak English and not Russian.


Reply links
  • Reply links appear at the bottom of each thread, and at the bottom of each message when you hover the mouse over the message.

Reply field
  • Click on reply opens a reply field, which lets you post a new message without needing to reload the page. The same happens when clicking "Add topic" at the top of the page.
  • Posting using this text field automatically signs the post, and gives it the correct indentation level, relative to the message you're replying to.

Watchlist icons
  • Click on "follow" at the top of a section, and you'll see a blue speech-bubble icon on your watchlist when there's a new message in the section you're following. On the watchlist, you can also click on the blue icon at the top of the list to filter just for those items.

Reply color
  • Clicking on an arrow that appears when hovering over a message indicates the message that it's replying to, coloring the parent message orange.

Move modal box
  • Clicking "Move" at the top of a section will delete that section from the talk page, and paste it into the talk page that you specify in the modal.