Talk pages consultation 2019/Communication/Questionnaire for newcomers at events


This questionnaire is designed to receive feedback from newcomers who attend workshops.

It can be used at any Wikimedia event, where people will edit a wiki that has a system which distributes a message to newcomers, signed by a real user (not a bot).


We are collecting feedback about talk pages[edit]

At the moment, the Wikimedia Foundation is conducting a consultation about talk pages. We would be happy if you accept to share our experience with us.

If you need more information about the consultation, or want to reply to more questions, please visit

What to do[edit]

A user left you a welcome message on your talk page. Please leave a message to that user.

Then reply to the the following questions.


Who have you left a message to?

What was easy to do? Please describe.

What was more difficult to do? Please describe.

Is there something you wished to do and haven't managed to achieve?

Overall, do you think that your message has been successfully posted?

Thank you for your help! Please return that questionnaire to the organizers.